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KenThanks for visiting my site! I decided (after long deliberation) to put this site together to help people find a solution when looking for bladder control products and give people an honest Flotrol review.

I must admit, I was initially a little embarrassed about putting up a site like this but I though, heck, an over active bladder is a real pain so the least I can do is help people to fix it! I also like building websites so that was an excuse as well!

So, is Flotrol any good? Below I will let you know all you need to know about the product so you can make an informed purchase if you wish. I’m here to help!

Flotrol Review

Is Flotrol Worth Buying ?
In a nutshell, yes. There seems to be quite a few bladder control products on the market but Flotrol has been the best I have tried. Trust me, I have tried a few! As you probably know, there is nothing worst than an overactive bladder as it can be quite embarrassing.  I First tried Flotrol after hearing about it from my wife. I searched for Flotrol reviews on the web first and found it to be positive.I was a bit reluctant as I have tried many products that had questionable results. I have found Flotrol to be the best bladder control product by far and it’s been excellent from day one.

How Does It Work?
Flotrol is specifically formulated to strengthen the bladder. It’s a natural herbal supplement with absolutely zero side effects. It also improves the overall health of the urinary tract so it’s a win win situation! That’s why most Flotrol reviews have been very positive. The active ingredients in Flotrol are soy and pumpkin seed extract and these have been used for decades to improve bladder health and strength.

Here is a great video review from Gary who contacted me for advice..

Is Flotrol For Mean And Women?
Yes! That’s the great news. This product really is for anyone but as we know of course, bladder problems usually are more common with older people (like myself! ha!)

Do You Need This Product? 
If you have suffered the odd bit of leakage, it’s perhaps safe to say that it’s pretty normal and you won’t need a product like Flotrol. But it’s the recurring leaking that is the problem. It’s embarrassing particularly if you are in the wrong place at the wrong time. Also, you don’t want to life your life refraining doing the things you love because of an overactive bladder.

Even things like laughing, sneezing, coughing or a sudden physical reaction can cause leakage so it’s best to take something for this I would say.

Where Is The Best Place To Buy?
I have written another post for you giving you all the information about the best place to buy. You can read it all HERE.

Really hope this Flotrol review has helped. Don’t forget to check out my other posts which you may find informative.


Update:  July 20th 2013
I have just realized that there is a special offer at the moment at the official site where you can get two free bottles on selected packages.

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Advice On Bladder Control And Urinary Incontinence

Bladder Control Problems/ Urinary Incontinence
Poor bladder control is a common health problem for many adults. It is most common among older people and most find the situation distressing and embarrassing.

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Where Is The Safest Place to Buy Flotrol

Best Place To Buy Flotrol
I tried a few places looking for the safest, easiest and fastest way to buy Flotrol. In the end, I found it was best to order through the official website. They are excellent to deal with also the cheapest. I recently saw that they have an offer as well where you can pick up a couple of free bottles! They are also lightning quick with delivery. I have purchased from a few other sites but found the official website to be the best by far.

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